Can You Get Chicken Pox Twice?

It is generally believed that once you get chicken pox you won?t get it again; however, this belief is false and healthcare professionals get asked on regular bases, ?Can I get chicken pox twice?? The reason this question is asked is because you and other might see others get it a second time.

If you have had a mild case, it is possible for you to contract it for a second time. This is caused by this virus being dormant and surfacing in your later years becoming shingles. Normally it isn?t chicken pox twice but instead it is shingles which most people mistaken it as chicken pox.

Though shingles is becoming more common, possibly from the chicken pox vaccine, it is rare to have chicken pox a second time.

Once you get chicken pox, you will develop immunities to fight off the virus next time you get in contact with the varicella zoster virus, which is the virus that is responsible for chicken pox.

Is It Twice or Just Delayed?

There is some confusion during a chicken pox infection because a new batch of pox can show up for about 5 days after the first pox appears. Even if there is some delay between batches of pox, it doesn?t mean it is a new virus.

Rarely but occasionally, you might be resistant to one strain, which might make you think you won?t get chicken pox, but then when you get in contact with a rare or different strain, you can get this virus.

Mild Case And Getting It Twice

You might get a mild case of chicken pox and your body doesn?t develop a full immunity to it and there is a chance of getting the pox twice. In this situation, it is considered that you got chicken pox twice.


All in all, it is possible to get chicken pox twice but this happening to you is rare. When this virus surfaces in your adulthood, it is much worse and may become shingles, which is much more painful and blistering rash. That is why it is recommended for parents to have their children exposed to this virus to get immunity to it.