Chicken Pox Vaccine Side Effects

The chicken pox vaccine has side effects that may become serious. Supporters of vaccines believe the risks of vaccine side affects are worth it because of the benefits. Those who have had serious chicken pox vaccine side effects may not agree.

Unhealthy babies and babies with undiagnosed medical issues are at a higher risk of having chicken pox vaccine side effects. Most can be treated easily at home.

Side Effects

The side effects from a chicken pox vaccine can range from none to mild to life threatening. Anyone who gets a vaccine should be monitored until the risk of side affects has passed. Some people believe that the vaccine may cause SIDS when the death occurs within two weeks after a vaccine is given. Common and mild side effects include the following:

Serious side affects from the chicken pox vaccine may include the following:

Serious side affects should be treated by a healthcare professional.

Risks of Side Effect

Babies and children with health issues usually arenít immunized because they are more likely to have serious side affects. Risk factors that may prevent someone from getting a chicken pox vaccine can include premature birth, HIV/AIDS, serious side affect to previous vaccines, pregnancy, cancer, and any other serious health problem. A healthcare professional can determine if it is not safe to be immunized.

Vaccine Side Effect Controversy

Things to consider when making an informed decision regarding chicken pox vaccine side effect risks:

The question is... if the vaccine is actually safe, why are babies who are unhealthy prohibited from being vaccinated?

Vaccines should be an informed decision, free of biased input and the risks should be considered along with the benefits.

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