14 Ways To Remove Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken pox may last for a week or so, but for those who developed scars from the pox the disease stays with them a lifetime.

Due to children's skin renewing so rapidly, often they will grow out of the scar and it will be barely visible. Deep scars can be a source of embarrassment and sometimes-even effect self esteem. There are many ways to remove chicken pox scars and many companies that promise their product can remove scars for a fee.

Commonly scars cannot be completely removed, but they can be drastically minimized. When removal is unsuccessful specialty makeup specifically to cover scars can be used.

Options for Scar Removal

When chicken pox causes scars the same treatments that are used for other scars are also successful in removing or reducing the discoloration and raised skin from scars. When purchasing products it is best to locate unbiased reviews and check out the company. Be cautious about online offers of free products because sometimes there will be automatic shipments and charges that will follow the delivery of the free product.

Natural home remedies, medicated creams, and surgery are all options to remove scars. Here are thirteen ways to remove scars from chicken pox, acne, abrasion, or minor injury to the skin.

  1. Whipped egg whites - gently rub it on scar and allow to dry before rinsing off. The amino acids and the proteins help fade the skin and tighten pores
  2. Baking soda and water - create a paste and apply it to the scarred area. Gently rub it to exfoliate and encourage new skin growth
  3. Lemmon juice - dab fresh juice on scar with a cotton ball, it will help lighten the skin and the citric acid helps the skin return to its pre-scared state
  4. Aloe Vera - Apply the juice or gel to the scar. It sooths skin while it regenerates the skin. It will also boost the immune system
  5. Olive Oil - rub on scar and leave it on. This anti-inflammatory contains iron and vitamins
  6. Creams and lotions - they come with a variety of ingredients that all promise successful removal or lightening of scars, some are more effective than others
  7. Laser - medical procedure that may need more than one treatment for optimal results. May cause new scaring
  8. Dermabrasion or Microdermabasion - non-evasive procedure that done by a medical professional can help with raised scars and encourage new skin growth
  9. Scar revision - a surgical procedure where the scar shape is altered to become less visible
  10. Silicone cream - prescribed by a doctor but can be administered at home
  11. Corticosteroids injections - must be administered by a physician, they have some side affects but results in improvement of scar appearance
  12. Collagen injects - collagen helps to rise up indented scared areas so they are level with the skin, it is done by a healthcare professional
  13. Chemical peel - done by a dermatologist it injures the uppermost layer of skin to promote new skin
  14. Supplements - vitamins or minerals that promote healthy skin cell production, among the slower options but some people get good results

Most options to remove chicken pox scars will take some time and patience, but can greatly improve the look of the scar. People with dark skin may have more difficulty in removing scars without noticeable skin pigmentation differences.

Grades of Scars from Chicken Pox

Scars from chicken pox tend to be grade I or II, but can develop into to grade IV scars in some people. These are the grades of scars:

Scars From Chicken Pox Infection

The best way to prevent scars is to avoid scratching the rash from chicken pox and picking at scabs. Some people have skin that may scar more easily and heal slower than others. In addition to the pox causing scarring, a skin infection like staph or MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is more likely to leave a scar than when there is no infection present.

If a scar develops it often will fade in color on its own in time. There are scar treatments available that will remove or improve the appearance of scars that don?t fade enough naturally


Some people look at scars as a representation of what they have survived or as part of what makes them unique but for others it is a source of embarrassment. When scars interfere with normal socialization or is responsible for serious self esteem problems then it may be time to look into scar removal.

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